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15 editions available.


Everything must go is a 71 page handmade artists book/binder that includes printed documentation from the exhibtion, Neighbors, with additional photos and embellishments.

Comes with a signed and folded, 30''x40'' print of Track 1 in its back panel.


Dimensions: 11.5'' x 13.5'' x 2.5'', 71 pages.

Constructed with MDF, matboard, acrylic, velcro, and faux-leather-tape. 


Shipped throughout the US within 10-12 business days. 




This item is eligible for 5 tickets until September 9th, 2021 that can be used for the following raffles:


- Catchers, original drawing 50'' x 100''

- Touching Tips, framed original drawing 30'' x 40''


Winners will be announced via Instagram Stories on September 10th, 2021 and notified via email.

"Everything must go", Handmade "Neighbors" Exhibition Catalogue

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